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Bates & Keen Family Farm Fleeces

We have quality fleece for sale from our Llamas, Alpacas, Finnish Landrace and Gotland Sheep. A small selection is shown but there are many other fleeces available. You are welcome to visit our farm and choose a fleece or book in to receive a particular fleece at our next shearing. A sample can be posted to you if you’d like to feel the softness and judge the colour and lustre.  Many people enjoy meeting the animal and seeing the fleece in natural conditions. We can then either send the fleece to you or you can collect it. Some people will enjoy taking part on shearing day and it is great fun.

Scarves, Throws and Blankets

Point of View Farm Finnsheep Products

Cara Leigh and Sten Wilson’s Point of View Farm is a wonderful place in the United States specialising in Finnsheep (Finnish Landrace Sheep). In New Zealand we only have white Finns but Cara Leigh and Sten have a range of gorgeous colours. The Wilson family raise their animals just as we do on our little farm – with kindness and a very natural approach.

We are very fortunate to have connected with the Wilson family and delighted that they are happy for us to share their products with New Zealanders. Some of the products are listed below with detailed descriptions. We can import other items but it can be a wait as the customs procedure for wool in the USA and New Zealand are challenging.

Finnsheep Rovings and Washed Locks

Finnsheep Socks and Soap