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Tootsie Wool - hand washed and fluffed

Tootsie Wool - hand washed and fluffed


Beautiful, soft and soothing wool for your feet. The finest wool from our delightful sheep is hand washed and fluffed ready for supporting your tootsies. Simply take a little wool from the bundle and use it wherever relief is needed from pressure and friction. It can be placed between the toes and other areas with socks or suitable footwear to hold it in place. 
This is especially helpful for workers in heavy boots, farmers in gumboots, dancers, hikers, folk who stand for long periods and runners. 
It should not be used on broken skin as there may be a tiny amount of dirt or vegetation in the wool. It is not sterile. 
Wool is biodegradable, breathes, absorbs moisture and feels just lovely. 
You can be very specific about your requirements by emailing us. For example, you may want completely raw wool with plenty of lanolin, a specific colour or a special sheep. Visitors often take a fancy to particular animals on our farm and choose to buy wool from their fleece.

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