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Red Devon Bull - Quality - Calm - Handsome Fellow

Red Devon Bull - Quality - Calm - Handsome Fellow


Genesis is a fine Red Devon Bull that will be a great addition to a small herd. At our farm - Bates & Keen Family Farm - we breed small numbers of stock and animals must be calm, productive and easy to manage.

He is lovely with the cows and respectful of people. He loves the treats that we hand feed him and a pat. His favourites are very ripe bananas, carrots, pineapple and puha. He also enjoys his daily hay, Ringrose brand pellets and fresh grass.

He is however a bull and one must never be complacent!

Genesis was purchased from Cookson Farms and has sired lovely calves for us so now it's time for him to meet some new cows.

He is a very healthy lad, born 5/10/18 and up-to-date with drenching and vaccinations. NAIT 338349 - 18 - 36. TB Free. Not in movement controlled area. Buyer must be NAIT registered and a good home is essential.

Viewing is welcome.

He is on Trade Me right now Listing #3200625522

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