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Welcome To Our Farm

Our small farm is focused on raising rare animal breeds, growing heritage produce and developing a beautiful environment that we can share with visitors. Diversity brings strength and we honour our ancestors by continuing their work in the field of farming.


We love to see people enjoy our farm, interacting with animals that are such characters and living a relaxed and natural life. Eating sun warmed peaches, bright berries and crisp apples fresh from the orchard is one of life’s greatest pleasures. To plunge one’s hands into the rich volcanic soil and bring forth a crunchy, richly coloured carrot or to pluck a selection of leaves for a spring salad is pure joy.


Plans for our small farm run to pages of practical and fanciful ideas. Right now we are breeding Red Devon cattle, Swedish Gotland Pelt sheep, Finnish Landrace sheep, Llamas, Suri and Huacaya alpacas. We have Stud alpacas and rams available along with surplus stock of all breeds. Fleeces, garments and homewares are offered in our Shop Section.

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